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New Client Special get 30% off your first service!(excludes Keratin Smoothing, Color Correction, and wedding hair and makeup. Can not be combined with other offers excludes level 4a, level 6 pricing)



You can now schedule appointments, check your appointments and view products that
you purchased... all online or on your smartphone!! Here’s what to do:


1. USE THE EMAIL THAT WE HAVE ON FILE AT THE SALON. This program will search you by email and will sync all of the information that we have for you including products purchased, passed appointments, future appointments and specials. IF YOU USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL THAN WHAT WE HAVE IN THE COMPUTER: the system will think you are a NEW client and you will not get all of your information. HINT. Use the email address that you just opened this email with. This is the one we have on file:)
2. IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT: You are encouraged to call for your first appointment. If you choose to use this feature please understand we will do our best to accommodate your appointment; however, it may be necessary to reschedule.
3. OUR PRICING STRUCTURE is based on our stylists DEMAND of TIME, not quality of work. The prices you find on our website are starting prices. You can enjoy Level 1 (l1) stylists at those prices. Prices increase with every level jump. You should choose accordingly when scheduling appointments.
4. IF THERE ARE NO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE: Just because the online system can’t find you an appointment, please contact the salon, one may be available. 
5. IF YOU NEED AN APPOINTMENT IN A HURRY, Select a LEVEL 1(l1) OR LEVEL 2 (l2) SERVICE PROVIDER, as their time is in less demand than that of a LEVEL 3(l3) OR LEVEL 4A (l4a).
6.LEVEL 4A STYLISTS ARE OWNERS AND THEY ARE NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME. If you schedule us by mistake we will call and reschedule you. 30% off coupons are not valid with owner pricing.
7. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE AND SCHEDULE SOMETHING BY ACCIDENT, just type us a little note in the contact section and we will remove it from the book. Not an issue.