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 At EG Salon, we are proud to feature Nufree Waxing System products. Nufree is an anti-microbial, wax-free botanical hair removal system that is gentle and effective. Nufree has proved to be the best form of liquid epilation for over 30 years by aestheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. Nufree is a non-wax, non-sugar liquid product that joins with hair oils, not the skin. 

Some Facts to Know About Nufree

* Nufree is not a wax, but a 100% natural soya product that can be used on over 98% of the body.

* Nufree will never adhere to the skin. Therefore, it causes less redness and virtually no bumps or reactions like regular hot wax.

* Nufree never dries and is antimicrobial/antibacterial.

* Nufree is heated to body temperature and cannot burn the skin.

* Nufree completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb, shaft, and papilla, unlike any other hair removal product on the market.

* Unlike Nufree, wax is a depilating system, removing hair only at the skin's surface.


Brow 14.00
Lip 12.00
Chin 12.00
Full Face 32.00
Bikini 44.00
Brazilian 64.00
Half Leg: Knee Down 62.00
Full Leg: No Bikini 82.00
Full Leg: With Bikini 102.00
Arm 40.00
Men's Back 64.00
Brow Tint 21.00
Lash Tint 27.00