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Wedding Hair


Finding the perfect wedding dress is one thing...

What about finding the perfect wedding hairstyle?

First, you need to think about what kind of style you want - are you going to wear your hair down or in an up-do? Always consider the shape of your face when deciding on a new or special style. Be sure to find a design that suits your face shape type.

Also, decide whether or not you would be okay with pulling all of the hair away from your face. Many brides pull all of their hair back on their special days, but just as many leave some wispy strands loose to soften the effect of the hairstyle on the face.

Honestly, the possibilities for wedding hairstyles are pretty limitless: you could try some soft and romantic curls, or a variation on a bun or braids (like pleats, twists, and plaits) - or, if you're feeling adventurous and more contemporary, even twisting or spiking might be the right wedding hairstyle for you. Try to find something that reflects your personality. After all, you know what you like better than anyone else does!

Don't forget to consider how the hair will look with a tiara or other wedding hairband, or how it will (or will not) be complemented by a veil. If you plan on wearing a floor-length veil, you'd best consider using a lot of hairspray, gel, or mousse - it's going to need to be tough.

There are literally thousands of wedding hairstyle pictures to be found online, so try searching Google - or if you would like some professional consultation on the matter, feel free to set up an appointment with EG Salon today!